Richard Huddleston

Vice President

Richard Huddleston is a Vice President at ValStone Asset Management. Mr. Huddleston is responsible for analyzing, evaluating and monitoring investments made by the firm and its related entities.

Prior to joining ValStone Partners, Mr. Huddleston held the top investment staff position at the Retirement Systems of the City of Detroit (RSCD), a $6 billion public employee defined benefit plan.

Prior to RSCD, Mr. Huddleston held financial executive management positions in technology and financial services companies. He began his career in the computer industry as a systems engineer, developing and maintaining the operating systems for large-scale computer systems.

Mr. Huddleston received his BA degree in Chemistry from the University of Missouri. He received his MBA in Finance from Wayne State University and completed post-graduate work in computer science at the University of Missouri.

Mr. Huddleston is a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) charterholder and a holder of the right to use the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (“CAIA”) designation.